Protect Your Invention on Crowdfunding Sites

Crowdfunding is an incredible way to raise money for your new invention. Innovators have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on crowdfunding sites like and

But how do you protect your idea while your project is posted for the all the world to see? One answer is “File a provisional patent application.”

A Provisional Patent Protects Your Intellectual Property

Posting on Kickstarter?

A provisional patent is the best and most cost-effective way to protect your idea before you make it public on a crowdfunding site, like

Our clients are extremely pleased with the thoroughness that we bring to every job. But don't believe us, here's what one of our clients has to say about the quality of our work.

“Mark has done outstanding work for us for many years. We are delighted that he will be filing a provisional patent application for our upcoming Kickstarter project.  He is a very skilled and knowledgeable patent agent.” 

—Dave Cutler, President of DCS Concepts

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A provisional patent application is a low cost way to make your invention “patent pending” for a full year while you are raising money. If your project meets its goals, then you move on to the more formal “nonprovisional patent application”. If not, then you’ve saved quite a bit of money in legal fees.

We are experts at preparing and filing provisional patent applications. We provide firm estimates up front and the most responsive, personalized professional service you will find anywhere. We’ve helped many clients use their patents to:

  • form successful startup companies
  • raise investment capital
  • earn licensing fees on their inventions

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Mark Nowotarski

Mark Nowotarski

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