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The Power of Policing Trademarks and Design Patents

The fourth in a four-part series on Strong Design Patents. The article looks at the power of “policing”, which means actively searching for people copying your product and enforcing both your trademarks and design patents against them. Read article on IP WatchDog | View as PDF Continue Reading


Getting a Loan with Your Patents

Many people are unaware that a patent or patent portfolio can be used as collateral to secure a loan, but if you take a look at the assignment records at the USPTO, you can see just how common this practice really is. Read article on IP WatchDog  | View as PDF Continue Reading


Making it Easier to Get a Patent

An analysis of “patent filing date versus patent issue date” can help applicants draft applications that have the best chance of early allowance. Read article on IP WatchDog | View as PDF Continue Reading


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