You have vision. We have tools.

Drawing of a lightbulb symbolizing invention.Inventors have vision. The question is how to achieve your vision and not have someone steal your ideas beforehand.  That’s were patents come in.  Patents are designed to protect your ideas while you build your team, build your product, and build your company.  My approach is to first understand what stage of development your idea is in, discuss how you are going to bring it into reality, and then craft a patent strategy to support your goals.  I will then provide you with firm cost estimates, and execute it on time and within budget.

The Patent Toolbox

Here’s a short list of the tools I have to support your ideas.

Patent Search: There is no point in reinventing the wheel.  If someone has already done it, you need to know about it.  Patent searches are inexpensive and fast to get.

Provisional Patent Application:  Provisional patent applications are placeholders.  Once you file them, you can say you are “patent pending” for a year.  You can’t sue anyone, but if someone does copy you, you move straight to the next stage, nonprovisional patent applications.

Nonprovisional Patent Application:  This is the full blown, legalese description of what you’ve invented and what exactly you feel you have rights to.  It is filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office and examined by a patent examiner specializing in your area.  If the examiner says “yes”, you get a patent.  If the examiner says “no”, I back you up and help turn that no into a yes.  Once you get a patent, you can then sue someone who is making, using or selling your invention without your permission.

International Patent Applications:  Patents are only enforceable on a nation by nation basis.  If you want to stop someone in China from copying your invention in China, you need a patent in China.  I have a global network of patent agents ready to carry your case forward with national stage patent filings wherever your business takes you.

Licensing guidance:  One of the beauties of patents is that you can license anyone you want.  You promise not to sue them, and they pay you at least a reasonable royalty.  I can help with the strategy, negotiations, and securing the legal support you need to reach mutually beneficial license agreements.

Contact me at 203.975.7678 or use my contact form if you want to explore how these and other patent tools can be used to protect your ideas.

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