Design Patents Protect an Invention’s “Look” and “Feel”

A design patent is a drawing of your physical invention or a snapshot of your computer screen. It protects the “look and feel” of your invention. Whether you are designing coffee cups or smart phone apps, a design patent will prevent others from stealing your look.

Strategies of Design Patent Portfolios

Building a strong design patent portfolio includes specific strategies; from how the original drawings are presented, to filing an invention’s shape, color, ornamentation and texture in a way that provides the most protection, as well as ability to defend against potential competitors.

We know the strategies to create an effective design patent portfolio to not only ensure that the technology inside is secure with a utility patent, but that competitors are dissuaded from building a similar product with a comparable look and feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers to these common design patent questions.

  • I designed a great mobile app — how can I protect it?
  • How do I keep a competitor from ripping off my design?
  • Can they steal it by changing one minor feature?
  • Should I get a utility patent or a design patent, or both?
  • What determines if I need multiple design patents?
  • Can I file a design patent off of a provisional patent?

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