Nonprovisional Patent Application

Once your idea really takes off, you need to file a “nonprovisional patent application”.

What Licensees and Investors Want To See Before Backing You

Nonprovisional patents show licensees and investors you have a product with demonstrated interest from the marketplace, and are serious about protecting your ideas. You have built the foundation of your business and are ready to take it to the next level.

My process is different from other patent agents and attorneys because I prepare only the files you need, when you need them. I provide firm estimates up front and the most responsive, personalized professional service you will find anywhere. This results in an above average track record of getting patents to issue quickly.  I’ve helped many clients use their patents to:

  • form successful startup companies
  • raise investment capital
  • earn licensing fees on their inventions

Uncertain about the patent process?

“Mark has made the learning process simple.  I appreciate the fact that Mark lets me “think out loud” in our conversations, I feel free to bounce ideas off of him, and he does not have a hidden agenda. Throughout the process, Mark has been creative in his approach and a trusted adviser.” Paul Newcomb, General Manager Aquatic Safety Concepts LLC, inventors of the iSwimband

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