Innovation Consulting

Launching a paper airplane symbolizing innovation.A company’s Chief Innovation Officer keeps a core technical staff focused on developing breakthrough innovations.

As a company’s Innovation Consultant, Markets, Patents & Alliances can fill that role on an ad hoc basis to help the staff uncover concepts with the potential to turn into patents or even commercial products.

Managing a Technical Staff For Top Innovation Performance

By taking your team through a series of brainstorming techniques specifically tailored to their skills and expertise, we will work together to develop ideas which can culminate in a commercial product.  I provide the guidance they need to generate new ideas, follow through on their development, and launch them in the marketplace. Having managed technology teams to bring $100M+ ideas to market, I know how it’s done.

We’ve helped clients:

  • generate new ideas
  • build on initial inspirations
  • prove new ideas work
  • and launch new ideas into the commercial market

Need support in your innovation process?

“Mark demonstrated time and time again that he put our best interests ahead of his own. He works up to the boundaries, and pushes them when appropriate.”  Cary and Verona Barr of BHB Insurance Services, LLC

Free 15-minute Consultation

Do you need to grow your business into new frontiers? Then give me a call at 203.975.7678 for a free 15-minute consultation. We’ll discuss what innovation strategy makes the most sense for you.

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