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I understand that your invention represents not only a unique idea, but a dream, and ideally the start of a new business and financial future for you.

These testimonials from current clients and referral network of attorneys describe how we have worked together, and demonstrate that I not only look out for my client’s best interest when handling their patent issues, but look at the business plan of the invention as a whole.

Dan McMahon and Patrick Laing


"Our invention is now in production thanks to Mark’s expertise.

We were impressed with Mark’s ability to quickly understand the “weird” mechanical aspects of what we were working on because of his technical background. We brought a long list of topics to discuss at our first meeting, and were amazed at how quickly we covered all of them. He went out of his way to make sure we were comfortable understanding each phase of the patent process, and was never condescending when he was getting us up to speed.

Since he also backed our kickstarter campaign, he was always a part of the conversation on the site; we really felt that he took us under his wing. He was invested in our success, was proactive in finding new opportunities to strengthen the patent, and kept us on track. Because the majority of our conversations were conducted via Skype, we also appreciated the quality of his webcam to show the details of the product. His extensive knowledge and resources ensures that he’s able to grow with us as our needs expand."

Cary and Verona Barr

BHB Insurance Services, LLC

"We knew Mark was the right fit for our needs because before he agreed to pursue getting the patent, he questioned us pretty hard about the marketability of the idea. He wanted to make sure that there was a need in the industry—and that we’d be able to sell the patent for a profit—before he even took our case.
The patent was for a business process, but we didn’t know before we filed that the U.S. Patent Office had temporarily stopped issuing patents in this area until a case between Bilski and Kappos was resolved by the Supreme Court. When our patent was finally issued, Mark fought for us to receive a patent term extension since the U.S. Patent Office took too long to examine the case. He even went to Washington, DC to plead our case.
Mark demonstrated time and time again that he put our best interests ahead of his own. He works up to the boundaries of what is and is not patentable, and pushes them when appropriate."

Peter Arturi

Cohen & Wolf

"Mark and I have shared clients, and the feedback I receive as a trademark attorney is that he’s very responsive, an expert in patent searches, filing and protection, and that his rates are reasonable.

He’s also really taken the lead in understanding crowdfunding and delivers the information clearly and concisely to the entrepreneur, attorney and inventor associations where we’ve delivered presentations. He connects with audiences well."

Paul Newcomb

Aquatic Safety Concepts

"Mark has made the learning process simple.
After working with Mark to secure our U.S. patent, my company was investigating the necessity of an international patent for our product. However, Mark advised us that it would not be a wise investment of our time or money because the international patent would still leave us vulnerable to a variety of counterfeit strategies, which we would not be protected against.
I appreciate the fact that Mark lets me “think out loud” in our conversations, I feel free to bounce ideas off of him, and he does not have a hidden agenda. Throughout the process, Mark has been creative in his approach and a trusted adviser."

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