Patent Filing

Mark Nowotarski, the Principal at Markets, Patents & Alliances, is a registered U.S. Patent Agent. He is also the named inventor on over 17 patents and has managed the development and commercial introduction of numerous commercially successful innovations. As an inventor, technology manager, and patent agent, Mark understands the patent process from all sides of the desk.

He pays particular attention to the exact nature of the protection you need and when you need it. He crafts patent applications that are deep in their technical content, targeted in what they cover, and in-sync with both your business goals and budget constraints. He then negotiates on your behalf with the patent office to help you get the patents you need, when you need them.

Markets, Patents & Alliances can deliver all of the services you need to get a patent. No separate law firm is required. These services include:

  • Preparing and filing both U.S. and international patent applications.
  • Preparing and filing low cost Provisional Patent applications.
  • Perform “Prior Art” searches to make sure you can take full advantage of what others have already patented.
  • Negotiate with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to get your patent allowed.

Working with Patent Attorneys

If you already have a law firm, we can provide the following services to help increase your chances of success:

  • Technical support for your attorney in the area of financial services. Most patent attorneys have little or no background in financial services, but are trained in natural sciences. As an expert in financial services, I will help them climb the learning curve faster so they can serve you better.
  • Identification of important aspects of your invention that may be missing from your draft patent application. Patent attorneys generally rely on inventors to say what their invention is. As an inventor myself, I help you identify important aspects of your invention that may have been initially overlooked.
  • An independent resource on patent strategy. There is a lot about patents that is counter intuitive. As a former technology manager in a variety of industries, I will help you develop a sound patent strategy appropriate for your particular industry.

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